"Unlocking the bigger picture through the visual arts - PILAA."

   Making A Difference

They say that artists in the contemporary world do not engage with real social issues, but what of a world where artists did?  PILAA is a visual arts contents based conultancy that specialises in both the action of creating visual content for socially engaged projects and through learning; educating others to unlock the bigger picture of images and challenge social perceptions.


The pre-image is an image of a further image to come. Understanding what has gone before, the history of ideas behind the image, is important to create visions for the future and challenge old ways of seeing.

          Using The Arts

Visual content produced by internationally acclaimed artists with PhDs can make a difference. PILAA is not like any other ad agency by merit of the extensive research, knowledge and art practice that we bring to the table. We are not selling products for you to buy, we are selling ideas through images that will make a difference.