PILAA was born out of a desire to take the themes behind visual artworks outside of the gallery space context and into the workplace; where they could be utilised in making a difference and challenging what we know and how we come to think we know it"

All work and training are undertaken by an internationally renowned team of experts. They are brilliant at what they do and have appeared on TV, radio, exhibited, published extensively and are acclaimed speakers, engaging with equality, diversity and inclusion debates using a deeper knowledge of the field. -“Our work is never dull!”

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Ope Lori. She brings to PILAA a wealth of knowledge and experience in race, gender & equality, diversity and inclusion debates. She is a practising visual artist & a staunch supporter of Liverpool FC!

PILAA's mission is to empower others to understand meanings through images (and by images we don't just mean those we can see) which engage with societal issues. Ongoing learning is a key factor in driving change and ... 

... making a difference.

The pre-image is an image of a further image to come. It's at the heart of the stereotypical judgements we hold of others before we even get to know them. Unpacking the history of ideas behind the image, is important to create visions for the future and challenge old ways of seeing, so we knew it had to be in our name. Pre-Image Learning And Action