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Here at PILAA our work falls into two interrelated categories: Learning and Action

Services include:

Ongoing learning is a key factor in driving change. Our training services provides clients with knowledge and understanding of how to unlock the bigger picture, through our deep understanding of how it all works. PILAA uses the visual arts in a fun and refreshing way to teach you to think beyond what you can see and then bring that knowledge back into your related industry or workplace. 

Whether you are working with developing your policies or looking to self-develope your teams, without the knowledge and research there is no action. PILAA undertakes primary research, starting directly from you, critically analysing first hand oral testimonies and finding out what work needs to be done. This is followed by secondary research, where the artist-researcher brings their expert knowledge to unpick; analyse, contextualise and re-visualise.

And we don't just leave it there...

From video, photography, online digital media, public installations, billboards and 2D media, PILAA will help you produce visually compelling imagery to help promote your campaign.

Bespoke equality, diversity and inclusion training with experts


Visual arts campaign content

creation to brief and budget 

Team building diversity away days

CPD collaborations & CPD tailored courses

PILAA Friend Membership

Areas of expertise:

Racism and Structural Racism

Gender Equality

Disability Awareness

Recognising Bias

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Facilitating Difficult Dialogues

Emotional Intelligence

Effective Leadership & Professionalism