Here at PILAA our work falls into two interrelated catergoies: Learning and Action


PILAA creates visual content  for socially engaged projects and commissions, using  initial research methodologies  to aid  in the production of  your visual content.  We undertake primary research directly from the client  and associated  parties, critically analysing first hand oral testimonies from   industry specialists followed by  secondary  research, where the artist-researcher  brings their theoretical knowledge  to

unpick  related literature  and up to date  information in the field; analysing textual and visual material  and attending conferences, before working on the visual content.

By researching into the pre-image, PILAA makes sure that each artist-researcher  will bring  new visions and help challenge old ways of seeing with new powerful visual propoganda.

From video,  photography, online digital media,  public installations,  billboards and 2D media, PILAA seeks to help you produce visually compelling imagery to promote your message.   



                                                                   Without the knowledge and research there is no action. PILAA'S mission is to also empower others to understand meanings through images which engage with social issues. We teach clients how to unlock the bigger picture, the hidden messages behind the construction of the image using our visual methodologies. From facilitating workshops at  educational institutes, to company training for adults around social and cultural issues

which you may come across in the work space, PILAA uses the visual arts in a refreshing way to teach you to think beyond what you can see. PILAA caters to all ages and work sectors. For more information and to book a bespoke training session to suit your group, wether large or small get in touch via our contact page.

Once a year PILAA holds a conference with its artist-researchers and industries that we  have worked with, opening up a space where more knowledge can be shared through the discussion of key projects and themes throughout the year. PILAA invites industry specialists and artists to participate in the conference and booking is advised. If you would like to collaborate with PILAA please get in touch.


  • Visual content creation to brief and budget
  • PILAA Interactive Workshops
  • Team Building away days
  • Learning packages
  • Bespoke equality and diversity training
  • Consultancy
  • Yearly PILAA conference
  • Guest Speaking/Special Events

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