"PILAA was born out of a desire to take the themes behind visual artworks outside of the gallery space context and into the workplace; where they could be utilised in making a difference and challenging what we know and how we come to think we know it" - Dr. Ope Lori, Founder

PILAA was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ope Lori. She brings to PILAA a wealth of knowledge and experience in race and gender related fields, as well as having a successful artist profile; specialising using video and photography in her political practice. Dr. Lori was a Lecturer at two leading Art Schools, and held a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at TrAIN Research Centre UAL, before utilising her knowledge and training in the Diversity and Inclusion industry. She has over 12 years of experience in the Visitor Engagement and Security industry for Wilson James, a leading security, logistics and business services provider and who are now one of PILAA's main clients. 

Apart from her noticeable hairstyle and her love of Liverpool FC, Dr. Lori brings passion, determination and a killer vision in making PILAA a visual content and educational agency, that anyone would want to work with.

Unlike the office type facilitator, all work and training are undertaken by an internationally renowned team of Artists with PhDs and Research Associates. Specifically handpicked, the team have appeared on TV, radio, exhibited, published extensively and are acclaimed speakers, engaging with equality, diversity and inclusion debates using a deeper knowledge of the field. -“Our work is never dull!”

Some of our clients:

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